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9 Simple Ideas For Obtaining Maximum Clicks On Your Meta Description

Understanding and writing an effective Meta Description can be quite difficult and requires hard work. Meta Description is a brief summary of the content available on your page which provide assistance and information to the search engines and users about your page. Generally it appears in search as a snippet right under a link (Blue Colored) for indicating the content of your page.


Importance of Meta Description

As it’s the 1st thing which the users see when they are using organic search. The summary of content you have used on every page conveys a lot more than information, it depicts the values, quality and a small gist of your brand. These Meta Descriptions are the only visible things besides your Domain name/ URL and your websites name. Further in this Blog, There are 9 simple ideas which you can use for writing up an effective Meta Description.

1. Begin with Action words

As you get only 160 characters to input here, make sure that you add Call to Action (CTA) as a guide for the users to understand what all content is displayed on your page.

Mostly people use the first half of the page for Meta Descriptions writing in complete sentences and lower half for CTA.

The placement of Action words doesn’t matter much, they are used to help users and search engines to clearly understand the type of page you want them to click on like Transactional page, Blog page, Products page etc. Ensure that the action words you choose are descriptive in nature and should easily convey what’s about to open if users click on it.


2. Be specific

Think of yourself as a user, what will be your requirements for continuing to the listed website in the search engine? Use content which helps resolving a query searched by user.

Specify clearly what the users can see or go through if they open up your page.

3. Pay attention to word limit

As mentioned above, you only get 160 characters to input and get your work done.

Understand that this word limit is not enough for you to explain everything and create a strong impression, but what you choose and the keywords you input in Meta Description should give a gist of the content you have on your page.

4. Make it short and sweet for your users

It’s not about the character length, what does users require?

User need easy, quick and understandable content on your Meta Descriptions which conveys them that your page has the information they are searching for.

You need to satisfy the user’s needs and requirements. Use best Meta Description and Title tag you can.

5. Do not use Brand name in the Meta Description unless you necessarily require

Constructing a Meta Description having your brand name is most common mistake brands commit. Avoid using brand name if possible as you got only 160 characters.

But if you feel the necessity and you have character limit left then you can use them.

Users and search engine are generally aware about the brand, hence adding brand names to the Meta Description is a waste of valuable real estate.

6. Ensure that each page you have has a unique Meta Description

Do not use similar or duplicated content for Meta Description and create an attractive Meta Description for each page your website has.

What are the elements important for your website to rank high?

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Keywords

Customize these elements for providing content about your page. Make sure whatever you choose to write on Meta Descriptions influence the user to click on it and read more which means you need to create interest by your description.

There is no one correct way to write the Meta Description, Use ideas from your competitors, Breakdown their styles of content and personalize them according to your brand and content you have for your page.

7. Choose the best Keyword you can

Keywords play a very vital role on your page, as they are the guiding indicators for users and search engines when identifying whether this page can help them further or resolve a query they are looking for.

The most effective Meta Descriptions use Keywords in the beginning of the snippet. These keywords generally supports the goals and content of the page.


8. Include important information about the content on your page

Always try to indulge pertinent information which is important according to the page’s theme.

Keep the character limit in mind.

You should cover information which helps describing the content or function of the page.

Answer these questions. 

  1.  Is the page you have about a product?
  2.  Is the page you have about ecommerce?
  3.  Is your page providing specific services?

Include information which differentiate your page from others, making the user curious and has an ability of influencing them to click on it.

9. Always try to maintain Tone, Voice and Integrity of your brand

This means your content you choose for your Meta descriptions shouldn’t directly translate your page, but should help in better search ranking.

Brand mostly get advantage from a consistent voice and tone. It should include certain terminology, style, tone and voice.
In conclusion, Meta Description plays an important role in managing and enhancing web content for search engines like Google, Bing etc., also influencing the users to click on them and visit your page. By being creative and informative, website owners can boost up their organic search visibility, increase click rates. Providing a brief summary (relevant to what’s on page) and easy to understand will attract more number of users. Remember, it’s crucial that your Meta description has full relevancy, is unique for each page and connects with targeted audience easily. If you need further information or wants to avail SEO services or assistance in creating a  Meta Description then connect with AdsRole, it is the best SEO Company for digital marketing services and have gained global recognition by many different institutes.

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