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Transform Your Google Ads Brand Campaign With These Simple Ideas

In this competitive world, standing out and ruling the market takes much more than a quality product or service. Marketing your brand properly and choosing the audience you want to cater to plays a vital role. All businesses should make use of different types of marketing strategies. One of the most effective ways of marketing is using Google Ads. These Ads allow businesses to focus on the potential consumer searching for a product or service they offer. It is a creative way of driving quality traffic to your business’s website and helps in improving conversion rates. Further in this blog, you will discover a few negative things impacting on your brand campaign, how to conduct an analysis, how to propose your project, how to improve Return on Investment (ROI) and how Cost per Click (CPC) affects your conversion rates.

Transform Your Google Ads Brand Campaign With These Simple Ideas

What are Things Affecting Your Brand Campaign Completely?

There are many things which can have a negative impact on your brand campaign. Following are the reasons for such:

  1. Utilizing smart bidding techniques without CPC (max) 
  2. Not measuring ROI.
  3. Not using the correct keywords
  4. Poorly written.
  5. Not understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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Predicting an outcome is easy if we understand the things which are affecting the performance which is only valid if the changes are stable. But as we all know, problems never stay the same. Two things which matter the most are the Information or Data we have and the other one is Faith. 

How to analyze and propose your project?

The most important thing is analyzing what keywords to use. So take your time out to identify which keywords are beneficial for your business and what is the intent of the keyword. Also analyze how the keyword is performing like its impressions, costs, conversions, number of clicks etc. Below are a few acronyms along with their meanings which are useful for you to understand digital marketing techniques carefully.

  • CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition.

CPA in digital marketing is a useful technique which any brand or business can utilize. This cost usually relates to the Ads conversion capability of the business. This is a cost which a company pays whenever they are able to make a sale. It is crucial for a business to understand which Ad is driving maximum traffic. CPA can be calculated by dividing cost of conversions (Total) by number of conversions (Total).

CPA = Cost of conversions (Total) / Number of conversions (Total)

  • CPC stands for Cost per Click.

Cost Per Click (CPC) relates to the fees or cost for running digital advertisements. With CPC, brands do not pay a fixed amount for the advertisements they need, instead they pay according to the number of clicks on their advertisement by the consumers. CPC is a method of digital marketing in which the brands will pay a certain pre calculated amount every time a consumer or customer clicks on their advertisement.

You must be wondering how to decide CPC, well CPC is calculated by the following formula:

CPC = Advertising Costs / Number of clicks

Transform Your Google Ads Brand Campaign With These Simple Ideas

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  • CTR stands for Click-Through Rate. (Click per Impression in layman terms)

This technique is basically used to understand the performance of both keywords and ads. As these are the two main key points for your Google Ad brand campaign. It is usually depending upon the number of clicks your Ad receives and the number of times your Ad is shown. Use the following formula for calculating your own CTR.

CTR = Number of clicks / Number of impressions

  • CVR stands for Conversion Rate. ( Conversion per Clicks in layman terms)

This is one effective technique of digitally marketing your product or service. These are usually adopted to improve conversion rates. Conversions generally happen when the consumer performs a specific action like buy, subscribe etc.

You can calculate your own CVR by using the following formula:

CVR = (Total number of conversions / Total number of impression) x 100

Impression share metrics can be very difficult to understand because they are already averages which need to be transformed into brute calculations prior to recalculating in a pivot table. With the help of convention, multiply impression share metrics with impressions and after that divide the result by impression once after creating the pivot table.

There are two type of Keyword categories:

  • High CPC and high CPA 

In this category, CPCs are close or nearby to generic campaigns.

  • Low CPC and low CPA

In this category, CPCs are comparatively high for a brand campaign.

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After spending a lot of time and efforts, we came up with a simple idea: every brand or business should divide their Google Ad campaign into 2 different categories. Firstly, optimizing CPC and secondly, performance category by smart bidding.  As these are the main things which affect any campaign and ROI from it. There are simple tips provided for increasing your ROI and how you can optimize your CPC.

How to increase ROI?

Return on Investment is one big aspect which every business wants to improve. Following is a list of few tips which you can implement and generate higher revenue and ROI.

  • Generate higher-value content.
  • Determine areas of improvement.
  • Analyze ROI metrics regularly.
  • Set up your digital marketing goal.
  • Lower your CPC.

Transform Your Google Ads Brand Campaign With These Simple Ideas

If you aren’t sure how to begin with or are unable to find the best solution for improvement in Return on Investment (ROI) on your service or your product, you can refer to Texas SEO services for assistance. 

Effects of CPC on your conversion rates

The cost of CPC marketing technique has an inverse relationship with conversion rates which means the lower the CPC more will be your conversion rates. Lowering CPCs will boost up business’s budget directly. It would be like saving 3 times of the money spent on the keywords which can be chosen by daily, weekly, monthly etc. and getting huge Return on Investment (ROI) out of it. The savings will directly depend on the size of your business. So if you are new and want the world to know about your business as fast as possible then you should surely go with CPCs. To summarize, Google Ads is one main key of advertising your brand to the maximum number of people. Making an impressive Google Ad is very important because it’s the only thing which will influence users to click on them and move on to your website. Always ensure that you are smart bidding as it has lots of advantages. Using proper techniques like CPCs, will definitely help you improve your ROI and conversion rates. If you are facing issues regarding your brand marketing and need some assistance then you get in touch with AdsRole, it is one of the best digital marketing company in Texas which offers affordable CPC and SEO packages. By following the information and tips mentioned in this blog, you can make a more efficient Google Ad brand campaign.

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