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Worried About ChatGPT Recording Your Data? PrivateGPT Safeguards Your Privacy

ChatGPT is an astonishing AI creation that unveils a multitude of applications and opens up a world of endless possibilities. The privacy policy associated with this chatbot implies that it has the proficiency to store and retain the information you input. In light of the apprehension regarding the potential exposure of sensitive data, numerous companies, including Samsung, JPMorgan, and Apple, have already taken the step to prohibit their employees from utilizing ChatGPT.

If you are facing the same issue which I am facing about personal information, there’s an alternative you can try. It’s called PrivateGPT, an open-source architecture that runs directly on your device. The best quality of it is that you can customize it to fulfill your specific needs when it comes to handling your files and documents. What sets this chatbot apart is that it works completely offline, without requiring an internet connection, which adds to its appeal.

Worried About ChatGPT Recording Your Data? PrivateGPT Safeguards Your Privacy

Don’t Know How to Use PrivateGPT? Know Here

To utilize PrivateGPT, the initial step is to download the chatbot onto your computer. The brilliant mind behind this creation is none other than Iván Martnez Toro. Once you have the chatbot up and running, you’ll be instructed to transfer your relevant files into a designated folder. This allows the chatbot to import all the necessary information. Rest assured, according to the guidelines of PrivateGPT, none of your data is transmitted outside your local environment during this process. In fact, it’s even possible to carry out the ingestion without an internet connection.

After completing the setup process, you’ll be able to inquire within a Python execution environment. It takes approximately 20-30 seconds for each prompt to be processed, which may seem slower compared to ChatGPT and Google Bard. However, it’s important to note that your prompts are being processed solely on your own machine, rather than relying on high-powered supercomputers. Once the processing is finished, you’ll receive your answer accompanied by four sources, which the chatbot utilized as contextual references from your own documents.

According to Toro, he developed PrivateGPT after recognizing the immense value of ChatGPT in professional settings. He emphasized that the current version of the AI chatbot is merely a proof-of-concept, aiming to assess the viability of building localized chatbots that resemble ChatGPT.

As AI chatbots such as ChatGPT gain more capabilities and versatility, they also raise concerns about privacy for companies employing them across different sectors. In order to safeguard their sensitive data, certain companies are exploring the option of creating their own expansive language models (ELMs), which can be fine-tuned using their internal documents. This approach allows them to provide personalized assistance to their employees in their respective tasks. An interesting instance of this trend is Samsung, which reportedly joined forces with Naver to develop an AI platform similar to ChatGPT for internal usage.

Bye Bye ChatGPT, Say Hello to PrivateGPT!

It is important to consider the privacy importance when interacting with ChatGPT. As stated in its privacy policy, the AI chatbot has the capability to record the input you provide. However, if safeguarding your personal information is a top priority for you, PrivateGPT presents itself as a viable alternative to ensure your privacy is respected and protected. By opting for PrivateGPT, you can enjoy the benefits of an AI chatbot while maintaining control over your sensitive data.

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