U.S. President Election – Why Trump Lost?

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Soon after the results were announced, an American Aberration came forward and stated – ‘Let the 2020 election bury the mistaken notion once and for all that the 2016 election was a historical accident.’

As the long awaited and nail-biter U.S. elections has come to an end, the United States has got its new president as Joe Biden. Soon in January 2021, he will be entering the White House as the 46th President of the United States.

Donald Trump and His Past Winning

In 2016, Donald Trump won by up to 70 million votes, which is the second-highest total number of votes in the history of U.S. elections. He holds around 47% of votes throughout the nation, therefore won in 24 states including his favorite Texas and Florida.

Undoubtedly, he had a strong back from his millions of supports. But now after spending 4 years in the White House, even his supporters evaluated his overall conduct and fine prints of his presidency to see where he went wrong. And this thorough blueprinting of his actions showed that he is one of only four incumbents who did not get another 4 years of presidency.

Why Trump Lost?

Donald Trump was one of those presidents known for his brutal comments and pin-pointing tweets. Somewhere, it all highlighted him as a president with unusual behavioral norms. Yet his highly-educated and knowledgeable Republican supporters gave him another chance to prove himself during the mid-term elections in 2018.

To add more to it-

  1. His aggressive and behavioral approach led Trump to this circumstances. And to top it all, he always gave statements raising racial tensions while igniting racism within Americans.
  2. His trashing and discarding the forever America’s rituals and his intense admiration for Vladimir Putin is one of the reasons why Americans prefer Joe Biden over Trump.
  3. His being narcissistic and referring himself as the ‘genius’ in all fields led Trump to this result.
  4. In the past year, Trump has been asked several times to release his tax returns. When people did not receive a valid proof, Americans were smart enough to sense that he has something major to hide.
  5. While people expected him to bring much-required changes to the key bodies like – WHO, NATO, and UN, he had been making efforts to strengthen China and Russia most of the times.
  6. To top it all, his norms for foreign policies was a major debacle to highlight.
  7. Trump permitted his entire family to be a part of center of power control throughout the nation.
  8. His meaningless promotions of controversial theories.
  9. His frequent usage of lingua franca made him sound like a crime boss than a president.

Now, the United States look forward to Joe Biden with great hopes of bringing a much-required change in the nation.

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