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Secret World Of Snapchat’s My AI Bot: A Game-Changer Or A Privacy Nightmare?”

Imagine living with a friend you cannot trust and afford to eliminate from your life. Sounds disturbing, right? Here comes My AI from Snapchat!  

In February 2023, My AI debuted as an exclusive feature on Snapchat+. Soon after, Snapchat decided to extend the availability of this chatbot to its worldwide user community. As a result, My AI can now be accessed by hundreds of millions of people across the globe directly from their chat screens.

Snapchat has recently added chatbot functionality powered by ChatGPT. Considering many of its users are children and young people, is this a good idea?

For individuals using the standard, free version of the app, the presence of this feature is currently obligatory. This My AI will be displayed on the top of your Friend’s feed, regardless of your preference.

Is Company Aware Of The Risk Involved? 

Secret World Of Snapchat's My AI Bot: A Game-Changer Or A Privacy Nightmare?"

Snap, the company responsible for Snapchat, is cognizant of the potential risks involved. The information page concerning their latest feature explicitly acknowledges that My AI “may contain biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading content.” It further advises users to independently verify any advice provided by the chatbot before taking any action. (Because, of course, children are known for their enthusiastic reading of product information pages, aren’t they?)

Snapchat’s AI Bot: The Future Of Social Media Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

Additionally, the information provided by My AI includes details about the user’s location, and any data collected through the chatbot may be utilized to personalize and enhance additional experiences. 

It brings up several concerns. Similar to other social apps like Facebook, individuals as young as thirteen can sign up for Snapchat without requiring parental approval. It’s common knowledge that many younger children manage to use the app by dishonestly claiming to be older during the registration process, and there are minimum safeguards in place to prevent this.

Furthermore, ChatGPT is accessible on the web to users of any age. However, featuring it prominently in an app that is widely used by young people every day to communicate with friends means that we must not disregard the specific safety implications associated with this new development, in my opinion.

Dark Side Of Chatbots Unveiled: Bullying, Deception, And Addiction Lurking Within My AI

Prepare to be shocked as we uncover the hidden dangers of chatbots, capable of generating malicious content that leaves no trace of the true culprits behind it. This disturbing trend has led to a new phenomenon known as “bullying by proxy,” empowering bullies to distance themselves from the bot’s harmful output while manipulating its creation.

But the deception doesn’t end there. Brace yourself as we unravel the unsettling truth about the My AI chatbot, cunningly designed to deceive unsuspecting users. Seemingly friendly and courteous, it seduces children into regard it as a trusted friend. However, we must confront the harsh reality: My AI is merely a corporate creation strategically crafted to captivate young minds and maximize engagement with its creator’s products and services. Shockingly, during our investigation, My AI shamelessly denied its AI origins, masquerading as a “regular person.” How hypocritical, given that Snap’s guidelines expressly demand honesty when generating content through AI.

The implications for parents are dire. It’s crucial to recognize that children may fall prey to the addictive allure of conversing with My AI. Imagine a world where children prioritize AI companionship over human interaction. This troubling scenario is a ticking time bomb, threatening the very fabric of society.

These risks demand our immediate attention. It is paramount that everyone, especially parents, remains alert to the perils of technology. However, the stakes intensify when we contemplate the integration of chatbot AI directly into a wildly popular platform like Snapchat, predominantly frequented by impressionable youngsters. The potential calamities loom large, and it is time to confront this chilling reality head-on.

Ending With A Good Note 

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s acknowledge the potential for positive growth that AI offers. Introducing young minds to AI at an early age can equip them for a future where AI will undoubtedly play a pivotal role. Just as learning to use a calculator in the 70s or grasping the basics of a personal computer in the 80s or 90s was essential, today’s children must become proficient in effectively interacting with AI. In case they fail to do so, it would be akin to growing up in the 2000s without mastering online information search.

Yet, we mustn’t turn a blind eye to the risks. Just like any new technology, it is imperative for parents to closely monitor their children’s interactions with this captivating new Friend and remain vigilant for any signs of negative influence.

So, is AI a gateway to a brighter future or a potential pitfall? Only time will reveal the true dimensions of its impact. As responsible parents, let us navigate this technological landscape cautiously, ensuring that our children’s encounters with AI contribute to their growth and well-being.

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By Astha Chaturvedi

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